Farm Grown

Our founding ideals for the farm were always to produce a well rounded, nutritional diet for our family, all Farm Grown. That means that what we are offering to you is the same as what we are eating ourselves. This to me is the best promise we can make as farmers, that we feel good about the product we produce and we thrive off of it as living testament to its quality. Take a moment to scroll down to see the products we offer today, and those we plan to offer in the future! If you would like to be apart of a CSA please reach out to us today!


Our chickens live on green grass pastures throughout the warmer months of the year where they eat bugs, seeds and grasses along with a grain supplement. When you crack open one of our eggs you will notice the rich yolk color. At $4 a dozen you can't go wrong! We also offer Duck eggs off the farm. Duck eggs are fantastic for baking due to the larger ratio of white to yolk, but they taste just as good scrambled for breakfast! Duck eggs are just $5 a dozen


This year 2021 is exciting for us on the farm. We are adding in our first high tunnel growing house. This will allow us to grow produce more months out of the year in order to offer you all the freshest vegetables as many as 8-9 months! For 2021 we plan to have a large variety of vegetables. To list a few options that we will have; Edamame, Tomatoes, Sweet and Hot Peppers, Corn, Pumpkins, Herbs of all kinds, Beans and more! If you have a special request for anything, please let us know.


Our best seller to date! The other red meat, our pork will taste and look very different from what you are used to seeing at the grocery store. Half and Whole Pork is raised here on the farm in outdoor pens that are moved throughout the non-frost months. These pigs are born and raised on the farm where they have access to all kinds of grasses, nuts from the forest trees, berries and other wild growing things! They are also fed a grain that is designed by the mill to be a well rounded diet for the animals. Our Whole pork is typically about 200lbs hanging weight, for which we charge $3.50 per lb. Consumer pays processing costs.

Come find us at the market or call us to arrange a pickup for pork sausage! Four flavors, Sweet Italian, Breakfast, Garlic and Cheese, and Hot Italian. We also have smoked bacon and a very limited quantity of baby back ribs!


Chicken, Turkey, Duck, ..., Goose! We have a diverse offering of poultry meat products available off the farm. All of our poultry is raised on grass pasture for their health and yours! For chicken we have two general products. Those are Soup Hens, Ranger Meat Birds. The soup hens are a tougher bird with a very well developed flavor, perfect for SOUP! The other option is a larger, more tender bird, the Ranger. We sell whole birds as well as cuts of meat birds from chicken tenders and boneless breast to thighs and wings! NEW this summer is chicken sausage!

Our Thanksgiving turkey was a huge hit in 2020 (thank you everyone!). We intend to offer turkey again this fall for the holiday, (whole roasting birds). We can produce a bird anywhere from 12-50 lbs dressed, ready for your oven, so preorder your bird today! Next year we plan to add a limited volume of duck and goose to the offer. Both birds offer superb flavor and dark meat. You have to try it! Prices vary, inquire for more details.


Grass fed when the grass grows, hay fed, cut from our own fields, when it doesn't. We have beef in stock! Ground in approx one pound packages, t-bone, rib eye, porterhouse, sirloin and many more steaks! We also have cross cut shank and the famous filet mignon steak. On the farm we have Belted Galloway cows and some mixed breed beef calves. We plan to add a few herefords to the mix for next season. The beef calves and herefords will provide grass fed beef until the 'Beltie' herd is large enough to take over. Belties have a lean quality to their meat and are very good at foraging. They spend a great deal of time doing so. We are offering Whole, Half and Quarter beef cattle for the 2022 year as well as the retail cuts mentioned previously. 


A farm first, we will be adding sheep to the farm in 2021. We are planning to have a limited quantity of whole lambs available late summer/ early fall. Grass fed and pasture ranged. Lamb is a great source of lean protein that tastes great! (Just ask Mr. Ramsey). If you have any interest jump on this opportunity, they wont last long.


In 2021 we will have a limited availability of fresh fruit from the farm. We are working on expanding our ability to produce fruit and will be planting an orchard so that we can offer many varieties of apples, pears, cherries, berries and more! Stay tuned..

Maple Syrup

If this year allows, we plan to build a sugaring shack which will allow us to offer a larger volume of Maple Syrup and other Maple flavored products in the spring of 2022. As it is however, we will likely have a limited volume of syrup available this spring. We have over a hundred trees flagged and ready to be tapped, but are limited by our facilities in the present moment. Thank you for your patience with this.