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Belted Galloway Cattle

Breed History

The Belted Galloway is a breed of cattle with origins in Scotland. Bred from the Galloway cattle to have a white belt in its coat the belted is a stunning animal that stands out on any horizon. Belted Galloways are still recognized in the Galloway standard though Galloways without a belt cannot be registered as belted. The original Galloway breed had its origins in the same stock that bred the Aberdeen Angus. According to the Livestock Conservancy Galloway cattle where bred to finish on poor forages while Angus where bred to finish on better feeds such as grains. Belted Galloways can come in many different colors from red to black to mouse and dun, but all Belted Galloways have the white stripe around their middle. Belted Galloways are also always polled meaning they will not grow horns. They are a docile cattle, though slightly shy. Mature breeders can weigh anywhere from 1200-2000lbs.

Superior Beef

Beef from Belties is bright and tender with the slight flavors of olive and clover coming through due to the grass-fed/ finished diet.

Body comparisons made between a half-dozen purebred Belties and an equal number of commercial cattle placed Belted Galloway beef low in saturated fat content as well as total fat average, and indicated high ratios of Omega 6 to Omega 3--the beneficial lineolic and linolenic acids. In fact, the Linoleic fatty acid (Omega 6):omega 3 ratio of their beef is one of the most healthy at 3:1, making it comparable to fish or chicken in a healthy diet.

Galloways ranked first in taste among other beef cattle breeds in USDA study! They have also shown 30% Less Cholesterol, 8% Less Saturated Fat, and 17% Less Total Fat!!



                                                            Galloway Beef Comparison Chart
                                  Galloway Steak    Other Steak    Roast Chicken    Pork Loin    Salmon Fillet

                           Fat                2.71                  4.79                        2.67                    5.83                 6.75
             Saturates                1.25                  1.86                        0.67                    2.00                 1.50
Polyunsaturates                0.28                  0.16                       0.67                    0.58                 1.83
          Cholesterol               0.046                0.047                   0.070                  0.060               0.050
      grams/100 grams of raw meat
      *Source: Canadian Nutrient File, Health & Welfare Canada 1991

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