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Hereford Cross Hogs

Crosses For Better Pork

Hereford hogs are a large breed that are recognized by the livestock conservancy as a breed that produces a large lean carcass in 7-8 months. Our boar Arnold is a purebred Hereford hog who brings a lot of life to our farm, figuratively and literally. He is the father for all our piglets born on the farm. 

Ginger and Oreo are our two sows from the same litter. We raised them from the time they were three months old and they are very friendly because of it. Ginger and Oreo are each half and half Large Black and Hampshire. The Large Black is a large hog just as the name implies, as large as the Hereford but slower growing. The livestock conservancy lists the breed as threatened mostly due to their slow growth rate making them undesirable in the commercial market. The Hampshire is a medium sized hog that is well muscled producing a lean meat on a quality carcass with a superior foraging ability. The piglets that result from the mattings between either one of these girls and Arnold are stout, broad shouldered and are fantastic foragers. Their meat is lean, dark and has a great flavor. 

Velma is our third sow. She is a mix of Berkshire and Gloustershire breeds. The Berkshire breed is recognized as a well muscled hog with a fantastic flavor in the meat. The Gloustershire hog is a large long hog. Velma and Arnold's piglets are large, long, well muscled hogs.

We breed these different crosses because the carcasses that result from them have a fantastic quality, as well as variety for our customers in the cuts, notably the spare ribs, chops and shoulders. A three way cross like this produces a vigor in the piglets that makes them fantastic foragers. We use this vigor to help us clear land and brush on the farm. The pigs also bring rocks to the surface and that helps us to turn an old pig pen into a beautiful pasture for grazing or grass-fed animals.   

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