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Our Story

In 2013 my wife and I decided to let our kids choose what we did as a family for one weekend day each in the summer. It was our son Noah's turn first and he decided he wanted to go to a livestock auction in Rumney NH. We had never been and did not know what to expect. It was hot and Noah was the only one really enjoying himself, but by the end of the day he had bought four mixed breed ducks and a trio of muscovy ducklings. This began our steep decent into the trap of homegrown food products as we realized the quality and interest that surrounded our new hobby. When a freshman in highschool he was gifted 6 chickens by a biology teacher, he realized he could sell eggs. Soon after that we got our first piglets that we raised for meat. The interest in those was fantastic and we quickly outgrew the 6.5 acres of mountain side that we had. In May of 2019 we closed on our 173 acre farm in Loudon and it has been a nonstop process of growing and adding products to our offering. We hope to soon be able to provide a full complement of food items aside from dairy. A one stop shop sort to speak, with the driving goal behind all of this to produce all the food we like and eat ourselves and be able to share it with the local communities in addition.

- Patrick Dumont

Meet The Team

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